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Doula Uk Certified
Doula birth partnerMaternity reflexologyEFT - Emotional freedom techniques

Welcome to the Birth Wisdom website..

I am an experienced doula and maternity reflexologist helping women and their families in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, E. Staffordshire and South Yorkshire.

Doula birth partner

Before birth was turned into a medical event mothers were accompanied by wise women skilled in childbirth - quite often female members of the family or their community. more

Maternity reflexology

As a therapy reflexology is excellent in helping to maintain balance during the rapid changes taking place in a woman's body during pregnancy and to ease minor ailments experienced during this time. more

EFT - Emotional freedom techniques

If you are worried about your pregnancy, have anxieties about how you're going to cope with the pain or fears about the birth itself then EFT may be able to help. more

Natal Hypnotherapy CDs


A selection of natal hypnotherapy CDs to help make pregnancy and child birth a positive, wonderful and empowering experience. more

has shown that having an experienced woman with you throughout labour can:

  • shorten the length of labour by 25%
  • reduce the need for pain relief by 30%
  • reduce epidural requests by 60%
  • decrease cesarean section rate by 50%
  • enhance the birth experience for both mother & father
  • promotes breastfeeding

Taken from Mothering the Mother - Klaus, Kennell & Klaus 1993

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